A Vegan Thought Thread Why go Vegan?

The Double Standards of Carnism

Many people like to defend their choice to eat animal products through reasons such as the human species being more intelligent, and whatever we choose to inflict upon animals or use them for is hence ‘justified’; they insinuate some sort of hierarchy based on mental capacity that the dominating species (us – not biased at …

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A Vegan Thought Thread

Watering Down the Vegan Definition

As I’m sure everyone in the Vegan YouTube community will have seen, Kalel recently uploaded a video titled “I’m not really vegan?” which I feel highlighted a big split of opinions amongst vegans. She admitted to having indulged in some non-vegan candy bars (about one a year) and having non-vegan popcorn when she goes to …

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Why go Vegan?

Why I became Vegan.

Why I’m vegan comes down to the conflictions between my morals and actions which would be inescapable living any other way. The modern lifestyle is a lifestyle riddled with contradictions: for most of us our morals and actions conflict, and these conflictions I’m referring to are ineliminable without turning to a vegan lifestyle. We say …

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