About Me

Welcome to The VG Word!

I’m Georgia, a second year Law student who would like to make a contribution to encouraging people to open themselves up to the vegan lifestyle in my spare time. I turned vegan in September 2016 after convincing myself to watch slaughterhouse footage etc; becoming vegan wasn’t just a lifestyle for me, it allowed me to find my true identity. My passion for the vegan movement led me to creating this blog so I can hopefully help others align with their true beliefs.

The VG Word is a blog dedicated to all aspects of the vegan lifestyle – on this blog I will cover everything from food and product inspiration, to the random thoughts surrounding veganism continuously flowing through my head. This lifestyle has such amazingly profound implications not only for the animals, but for ourselves and the planet we live on as well, hence why I think it is such an important topic to discuss. On this blog I hope to inspire and educate, as well as connect with other vegans who may share some of the same notions and perceptions as I.

– G