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Review of The Botanist – a Good Option for Vegans?

The Botanist is somewhere I’ve been dying to try for a while after their launch of some new vegan options! I finally did get to go so here’s a little review of the restaurant in terms of it being a vegan-friendly place…

Number of Options

2/3 Bread and Bites; 2/11 Starters and Nibbles; 2/8 Mains; 1/5 From the Grill; ¼ Salads; Deli Board – 5/7 Chilled Favourites; 5/10 Sides; 2/8 Desserts

As you can see from these figures, the proportion of vegan options differs with each category but overall I would contend is a somewhat good proportion of the menu – to improve I think they could maybe add one or two more starters and mains. But one thing that is particularly noticeable about the options is that a lot of them are very unique and not just the generic vegan options you will come across in most places, so that is something the restaurant definitely has going for it!

What I Ate

For my starter I had the Courgette and Kale Soup; the other vegan starter option is the Houmous which even though is a firm vegan favourite, is rather generic so I wanted to try something a little more interesting. When I initially got the soup I had a mini heart-attack as it comes with a white cream-like dressing on top (which isn’t featured on the menu) which suddenly made me question had I messed up and was I supposed to ask for a vegan version or something?!?… But after inquiring it turns out the dressing was tahini so disaster-averted (although it would be much appreciated if restaurants would include these minor details on their menus to avoid these mini moments of panic). Moving on from this slight mishap, the soup I was very pleasantly surprised with: it was packed full of flavour and had a slight kick to it which added a unique element I wasn’t expecting (nothing too drastic bear in mind, my spice tolerance isn’t the highest…) Also given the soup didn’t only contain courgette, but kale also, I felt less guilty about eating out as we all know kale is literally one of the healthiest foods going as it’s packed full of nutrients and all that good stuff.

For my main I had the Falafel Burger with a side of Properly Seasoned Fries. The burger I was also very impressed with: it was very flavourful and again had a slight bit of spice to it because of the harissa jam. The fries I have to say weren’t anything special but a chip is a chip to me so I can’t say I was too bothered. But all in all I would definitely eat this meal again! (One thing to watch out for is one of the types of fries is not vegan but it doesn’t have the  Vegan symbol next to it on the menu, just don’t order the chips blindly if you’re vegan.)

Pricing – worth the money?

My starter: £4.25
My main: £10.95

I was expecting this to be a very expensive meal as I’ve had drinks at The Botanist before which are relatively expensive – cocktails tend to be reaching around the £10 mark for very little drink. The food however was less expensive than I had presumed: the Courgette and Kale Soup was only £4.25 ad the Falafel Burger was £10.95. I would hence say that I do think the food is great value for money given it was of a very high quality and they offer a lot of unique vegan options, but also because the presentation is stunning which you’re also paying for (especially if you’re me and want it for insta…)


Overall I would highly recommend the Botanist to anyone not wanting to spend on anything extortionate, but still wanting to treat themselves to some delicious, more unique vegan food.


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